Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

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>>>On Saturday morning, September 23rd at 7:48am, the Associated Press
filed a report from Miami, Florida saying that a Wal-Mart store had yanked
T-shirts from it's shelves after one customer complained the shirts were
"offensive."  The shirts bore the character of Margaret from the cartoon
strip "Dennis the Menace" saying "Someday a woman will be president."<<<
>>>Later the same morning, CNN reported the designer of the shirt had
intended for it to boost the confidance and self-esteem of young girls,
but Wal-Mart had found it to be against it's stated commitment to "family

Every time I hear the phrase "family values" I want to ask "_Whose_
family." Certainly, one of my family's values is that women can do
anything, be anything they choose. 

I think I hear a boycott coming...

Sherry Marts
American Health Assistance Foundation

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