Doing RFLP paper-any good stuff?

Monica039 monica039 at
Wed Sep 27 21:22:01 EST 1995

So Stacy, thanks for the scintillating paragraph, captioned here, with
which I can elicit some kind of scholarly aid. Couldn't have done better
myself, unless I spelled relevant correctly.

"I'm applying to med school and have an interest in the uses of
RFLP in genetic analysis. I realize that as a physician, I will
need to learn how to find medically relevent papers. Could someone
please explain to me how one goes about doing that?"

Now that you're all completely pissed, please allow a moment for me to
explain. I'm still an undergrad, new at this internet stuff, and have no
clue. I've looked for help in other places, non-school related, and have
gotten amazing results, to my delight. I also spend a considerable amount
of time helping others out, which is one of the reasons I want to practice
medicine. Having been out of school for a number of years (you don't want
to know) I realized that it is critical to get someone's attention,
schmoozing is definitely part of the picture no matter what terms it's
couched in, and I don't have a whole lot of time to accomplish that. My
Genetics prof is an amazing woman, possessed of a great mind and endless
arcana, and what is wrong with trying to impress someone? That alone is
not actionable.Not being worthy of her attention would make it a slimy
process, granted. What would be wrong is asking others to do my work for
me and that is not what I intended. Please accept my sincere apology.
Stacy, if I get in and through med school, you should live so long to be
treated by someone like me. I intend to spend the rest of my life caring
for people and you couldn't do better. I promise.
Plus, I'm not a snotty kid out to scope out the scene and get others to
front for me. I'm a forty year old mother of two who really hasn't got a
clue about this stuff and I wrote the note on the fly ( which is usually
all the time I have). Your suggestion was infinitely, no sarcasm, better.

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