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Bronwyn Venus venusb
Thu Sep 28 01:31:01 EST 1995

On 27 Sep 1995, muriel lederman wrote:

> I, too, am getting sick and tired of people asking for netters to do their
> work for them. The best response I've seen came over the virology net.
> Someone had posted a (fairly typical request) for "everything you know
> about virus Z". The email address ended in Someone responded back
> with "suggest you start with the library at the U of Pittsburgh medical
> school, address is 6th and whatever". I laughed a lot!

Dear Muriel

I have asked twice now for help researching different topics on the net.  
Before I ask for help, I have tried all avenues open to me eg Medline, 
Current contents, Cab abstracts etc.  I work full time and study a Grad 
dip in Biotechnology parttime (I have done ALL my study parttime).  A 
current subject requires lit reviews of 500 words using papers current 
this year.  As I am biology trained and not medically trained, I am 
having trouble locating the references suggested using the key words I 
understand.  Hence my request to the net (and my peers) for guidance.  
Todate, NO-ONE has offered any help.  In other newsgroups I have been 
able to contribute greatly, answering many questions because I COULD.  I 
see this as networking and have learnt many skills in conversing clearly 
and fluently with other scientists.  I am NOT asking you to do my work, 
just to guide me so that I can learn from other peoples experiences.
What a waste of a day if you dont learn at least one thing.
If I can help ONE person, then I am a success.

Have I missed your point and do you understand mine?


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