Questions for Breast Implant Recipients

Pagogh Cho cho at
Thu Sep 28 16:46:46 EST 1995

First, don't hang up or leave, this is an informal but legitimate
research based query I'm conducting for an MD doctor friend who
doesn't have access to on-line services.  I apologize if these
questions seem out of place here, but I'm trying to hit as many
newsgroups where women may potentially respond.

This information is being collected for a single medical presentation.
Questions and answers are being used for background purposes only.
I'm interested in getting personal opinions/points of view for the
following questions.

The information is being collected for an informal educational
presentation and will not be used for litigation, or other adversarial
purposes.  Now that that's said and done with . . . 

Please answer any questions you feel comfortable with - I am
interested in collecting as much information as possible.

1.	When did you receive your implants?

2.	How much did you pay for the implants?

3.	a.  Who paid for the implants?  (you, insurance, other)
	b.    If insurance paid, what underlying conditions were 

4. 	a.  Do you still have you implants?
	b.  If not, when were they removed and why?
	c.  How much, if any, did the removal cost?
	d.  Who paid for removal?  (you, insurance, other)
	e.  If insurance paid, what were the underlying conditions?

5. 	a.  Are/were you having any problems with your implants?
       	b.  If so, what are the problems?
       	c.  Are you receiving any treatment for these problems? 
	(please elaborate)

6.	Do you have any general opinions about your experience with 
	breast implants?  Any comments about news items, publicity, or other 

Naturally, flames ignored.
Pagogh Cho

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