Doing RFLP paper-any good stuff?

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>>>>I realized that it is critical to get someone's attention,
>schmoozing is definitely part of the picture no matter what terms it's
>couched in, and I don't have a whole lot of time to accomplish that. My
>Genetics prof is an amazing woman, possessed of a great mind and endless
>If you think this highly of your genetics professor, then why not approach
>this more directly? Why not ask her to be your academic advisor? Of, if

Hi- Another tactic for getting to know a professor and having her/him get 
to know you is to just TALK to them.  When I was and undergrad, and now 
as a grad student- I would just call to make an appointment with a 
professor, and ask them how they got involved in science, what steps they 
took, what advice they have about a career in science... I would also ask 
them about their research, and where that is going.  I worked in a couple 
labs during the undergrad years, and took internships in the summer.  
Asking all these questions allowed me to see if science was something I 
wanted to persue, and let THEM see I was really interested, and not just 
looking for a generic "good letter so I can get into school".  
I got to know several professors, and ended up in an internship with a 
scientist who then volunteered to be my grad school mentor.

just my two cents!

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