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>When I was an undergrad I took a cell biology course (freshman level, big
>class size, etc.) with a professor who impressed me greatly. By the end
>the semester I worked up the nerve to knock on his office door and ask if
>he would serve as my academic advisor. It turned out he was very
>interested in undergrad education and he agreed on the spot. He became my
>mentor and a close friend whom I still visit on occasion. His guidance
>advice were invaluable to me. 
>Sherry Marts

I went to a small undergraduate college (SUNY-Cortland)
for my undergraduate degree and I found it very easy to get
to know my professors.  I keep in contact with many of my 
former professors and consider some (including my advisor)
to be among my closest friends.  When I was in school,
I babysat for, workedwith, and  partied with them.  My physics
professor along with my advisor attended my wedding and
I was a biology major!

I thought that the size of the college was the reason I knew
my professors until I started graduate school at NC State. 
I found that I was able to get to know my professors at a
 *big* school too.  Don't be shy- just meet with your professor.
I realized that by working hard, asking questions, and doing
well, many professors got to know me even without me 
realizing it.  :-)

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