Toxicology Anyone?

Leia or Tony gargoyle at
Sat Sep 30 18:39:31 EST 1995

I've been engaged in fruitless search for the last two months for any information on toxicology as a 
speciality/degree. Only my local poison control center was able to provide me with minimal 
assistance. I failed miserably at the library to find any info. (No large university within a hr drive from 
I need:
1. Anyone out there who knows or is a toxicologist to speak with me abou t their profession so that I 
can decide if this is what I want, and what is involved in obtaining the necessary education.
2. Any university/college that has a toxicology program (I understand it's either MD or PhD), if 
someone cold give the name of instution and or a contact name so that I can obtain the needed 
3. Any other helpful suggestions relative to this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I can be emailed  at gargoyle at

thank you in  advance out there.

Leia Mehlman

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