Apology. (fwd)

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Apr 2 09:19:06 EST 1996

Ms. S.J. Rickard (srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk) wrote:
: Dear Wah Chan,
: I shan't repost your previous reply as it was part of possibly the longest 
: post I have ever read and I wouldn't wish to add to it.
: As a fellow Brit (as your language clearly shows you to be)and a woman I 
Which part of the UK do you come from?

: would just like to say that as a Brit and a man you should perhaps tred a 
: little more carefully. I understand your phrases and language, but 
: unfortunately our American cousins often do not get the subtle meanings, 
: in jokes or sarcsastic humour and take innocent sentences the wrong way.
: However, I feel patronised when called a girl (I am 23) and correct men 
: when they do it.
What about if its was the women who call other females girls, do you correct 
them as well?

: I don't think "my dear" is an appropriate term to use to 
: a female you don't know/can't see and I suspect it was used slightly 
: patronisingly or to confuse the American readers who wouldn't get it's 
: meaning.
Its a lot better than what I would like to have said my lass.

: The tone of your posts is that of an old fashioned and therefore 
: legitamately sexist buffoon who likes a bit of crumpet and expects his 
: tea on the table when he gets home. I get the impression you hide behind 
: this facade in order to get away with rude comments and pull the wool 
: over Americans eyes (an eagerly pursued British pasttime!).
Old fashioned? I dont think I have lived that long to be considered "old
fashioned", maybe it is your perception. My original post was short, sharp
and straight to the point and by doing so I have not considered the
possiblity of upsetting a few women here and I have since continued to
apologise to all who felt offended. Having said that I still believed
in most cases I am correct about my comment but there are always
exceptions, the kind of exceptions that majority of women here are
smarter and better educated than the average women (or men) outside here
but still women make up the minority of scientist and I dont think its
was down to sexism, which means you have to consider something else.

: You've obviously upset a few women on here and although it is a free 
: world perhaps you should think before you post. You don't fool me for one 
: second.
: Sarah

I guess you are the fool who believed I was fooling you.


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