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: > Megan, Julia and others,
: > 
: > I know I have said this before, but it seems worth repeating.  I have met Mr. 
: > Chan before on other (non-science) newsgroups.  His reply here is
: typical of his
: > comments on those newsgroups - inflammatory, sexist, racist, homophobic,
: etc.  I
: > have seen him wreak havoc in those newsgroups and feel that the best
: response to
: > him is to ignore him.  Hopefully if he doesn't get the rise he is
: looking for he
: > will go away and play somewhere else.  He has certainly shown no signs
: of being 
: > educable.
: > 
: > Margaret
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: > Subject: Re: WOMEN & COMPUTING
: > Author:  megan at UCLA.EDU (Megan Igo) at Internet-Mail
: > Date:    3/26/96 14:34
: >      
: > (snipped portions)
: > I am a bit annoyed by the ignorance and blatant sexism demonstrated by Mr. 
: > W.Y. Chan, if he is right, then no woman should be permitted to do science 
: > in any field, because they have no determination, are not logical thinkers, 
: > and are not versatile in the ability to perform scientific research.  Hmmm. 
: > Maybe they shouldnt be permitted to vote either?  Or own land?  Just a 
: > sarcastic thought.
: >      
: > Megan
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: > UCLA Department of Microbiology and Immunology 
: > megan at
: >      
: >      
: >Dear Newsgroup readers,

:           It seems to me that here we are trying to keep ourselves aware
: of the problems of being female in a male-dominated field and in trying to
: excel in spite of the barriers that poses, and we are finding ourselves
: annoyed by this person who really is just annoying and diverting attention
: from real issues.  

:            We have several options.  We can try to teach this man the
: difference between 1) assuming everyone is roughly equal in their
: abilities with a huge number of outside factors contributing to overall
: performance and output and 2) assuming that some people are not excelling
: in their chosen firelds because they are not capable of excellence, and
: their lack of success supports the idea that they are inherently less well
: equipped to compete.  A second option is to suffer through his postings as
: an example of why this newsgroup exists; to ignore his remarks because it
: is unlikely that he will overcome the outside factors HE has been
: subjected to,  because he has no desire or motivation to change.   While I
: do think it is tragic that this person interacts with women in science and
: apparently contributes to an environment in which they are burdened with
: this negativity as a part of their daily lives, there is little or nothing
: we can do to make this man see himself as we see him.  I would normally
: never believe this to be true of most people in most situations,  and I am
: thrilled daily by human capacity for growth and change, but as I said,
: this man does not want to view things differently.
:            So rather than get sucked into a silly debate, I propose that
: we ignore Mr. Chan's contributions to this newsgroup.  I hope he does
: continue to read it---he might learn something---but I suggest that we
: boycott threads involving these silly diatribes because they are not
: productive uses of our time.  When the urge to respond to something he has
: written strikes you---JUST SAY NO!!!!

I find your comment rather suppressing  by which you have told others here
to censor my contribution to this newsgroup. May I suggest rather than shutting
your mind from reality I can prove no one here would do as you say and would
find it compelling to read my contributions here. Everybody here knows a good
subject when they see one and would love to open their mind to the real world
and not stuck in the idea of male chauvanism in science and women are hard 
done by attitude.


: Aloisia (Alice) Schmid

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