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Gert Jan Gast (gjgast at wrote:

: [snip]

: [>:  
: >:            So rather than get sucked into a silly debate, I propose that
: >: we ignore Mr. Chan's contributions to this newsgroup.  I hope he does
: >: continue to read it---he might learn something---but I suggest that we
: >: boycott threads involving these silly diatribes because they are not
: >: productive uses of our time.  When the urge to respond to something he has
: >: written strikes you---JUST SAY NO!!!!
: >]

: wahchan at (Mr. W.Y. Chan) wrote:
: >I find your comment rather suppressing  by which you have told 

: Aloisia proposed and suggested. See above. Learn to read.

: >others here
: >to censor my contribution to this newsgroup. 

: And correctly so. You're a waste of time.

: >May I suggest rather than shutting
: >your mind from reality 

: You're the only one here so far who does.

: >I can prove no one here would do as you say and would
: >find it compelling to read my contributions here. 

: There's a large number of women and some men contributing to 
: this newsgroup. So far a large majority has ignored your 
: postings. And no, I do not find any of your contributions 
: compelling. You're an absolute bore.

: >Everybody here knows a good
: >subject when they see one and would love to open their mind to >the real world

: Most postings show exactly that. Again: learn to read.

: >and not stuck in the idea of male chauvanism in science and >women are hard 
: >done by attitude.
: >
: >	Wah.
: >

: These troubles are no results of sticking to an idea. Male 
: chauvinistic attitudes are a reality women have to face every 
: day. Not a selffullfilling prophety.

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Hi Ms Gas
	Obviosly you had not shut yourself off other you wouldnt have replied.
My guess is even those who did not reply would find it compelling to read
my post anyway, like it or not you had already shown your interest.


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