This Mr Chan business

Abbie Widin abbiew at
Wed Apr 3 19:29:29 EST 1996

Hi all,

This is a letter from Mr. W.Y. Chan's (more familiarly known
as Wah) postmaster. As you can see, the postmaster feels 
strongly about netiquette. If you have any complaints about
Mr Chan (for example, off-topic, inflammatory, violating various
anti-discrimination legislation, promoting xenophobia, etc) 
please direct them to postmaster at

best wishes,
abbie widin
abbiew at

>please send an example. Users are encouraged to read up on netiquette
>before they use news.
>Users who post trolls (most would not know what the term meant) or who
>clearly post off subject material will be dealt with.
>Alan Thew
>Postmaster at the University of Liverpool

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