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In article <4j72ft$70s_001 at salford.ac.uk>, B.A.Shama at MCS.salford.ac.uk 
>What are the reasons for there being so few women in computer science?
>Is it family ties?, Not intelligent enough?, Think differently to men?,
>Have they not been studying in this discipline for long? The discipline not 
>being attractive enough, either financially or in a practical context?
>What can be done to improve the situation?
>More education at an early age?, Not being stereotyped into certain jobs?,

Do you know who was the first programmer? Answer: Ada Lovelace. She 
programmed a machine that never really run. Eventually her program did 
find hardware to run on, and it run correctly the first time round... which
is remarkable...

I teach at the University College of the Fraser Valley. In my classes, the 
vast majority of the students are male, but the few females are really 
excellent students and really stand out in the class. On the whole these
female students are not teenagers, and perhaps it could be an image related

Dr. Lucy De Pieri
University College of the Fraser Valley
Abbotsford, BC

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