Marriage/Name Change

JuneKK junekk at
Thu Apr 4 08:50:09 EST 1996

It is interesting to note the strength of emotion that this issue of
changing your name in marriage can evoke, isn't it? 

When I got married, I also had alot of angst about whether I should keep
my maiden name or take on my husband's.  Clearly many people feel tht your
name can reflect your personal identity, and I also did not want to lose
"my identity".  However, I did want to note my change in marital status,
and never wanted to be referred to as Mrs. Kume (that is my mother!) -
hence I decided upon a hyphenated version.  It has worked out well, and
professionally, people tend to remember your name better.  One caveat
however, is that often people don't know how to introduce you, since
hyphenated names can be long and cumbersome to say.   All in all, I am
happy with my decision.

June Kume-Kick, Ph.D.

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