marriage/name change

Brian W. Tague taguebw at
Thu Apr 4 16:54:01 EST 1996

This is somewhat off-topic as it concerns my wife changing her name and 
she is not in science but...

She wanted to take my last name, mainly so that both she and I and 
particularly any children we have would all have the same name. This 
would be mainly to avoid the troubles other posters have mentioned with 
the rest of the world not being able to deal with hyphenated names, 
different last names, etc.

What she did do is change her middle name to what had been her last 
name, i.e., Susan Marie Carlson to Susan Carlson Tague. 

When our first child was born, we gave him the same "new" middle name. 
He is Mitchell Carlson Tague. We are also planning on giving all of our 
children (should we be so lucky to have more), the middle name Carlson. 
That way they will all carry both of our names.

I'm just kicking myself that *I* didn't change  *MY* middle name to 
Carlson when we got married. But I think I'll get around to it just as 
soon as I get this lecture prepared, paper submitted, grant written and 
all the other good stuff a newly minted assistant professor must do!

My two electrons,

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