Marriage/Name Change

Sherri Fraser sfraser at
Thu Apr 4 12:32:34 EST 1996

Hello everybody,
	I've had this conversation here with several women.  I
changed my name when I was an undergraduate, so for me there was
no publication record to be  concerned about.  At the time I was
married, it wasn't very clear to me why I wanted to change my
name other than I loved my husband, but I never got along well
with my father.  So for me, I took the name I wanted and
discarded the one I no longer wanted. (BTW my husband didn't care
what name I took).  Later on I had a discussion with somebody in
the lab I work in as a graduate student and she summed it up for
me very well.  What is the difference in taking your husband's
name or keeping your father's?  They are both men's names.  For
me it was easier and more pleasurable to take the name I chose.
In addition, my father was very over-bearing (this is why I never
got along) so instead of thinking about the societal pressure to
change my name, to me it was more like being freed from a
domineering father.
	This works for me.  Hope it helps.

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