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In article <v01510103ad89f50768b9@[]>, dlb17 at PSU.EDU (Dianna L. Bourke) writes:
>I'm sorry, I can't recall who posted this original message about changing
>names, but I would like to add my comments.
>I'm afraid I would have had the same reaction as some of your female
>colleagues and professors about the name change. I would have been a little
>disappointed, too. I did not change my name when I got married for a
>variety of reasons, but the most important one was, it's not MY NAME! Why
>in the world should I change MY name? Why dosen't he change HIS? Anyway,
>the whole thing just harks back to ownership of a wife, etc. and I just
>don't like the whole idea. Of course there are all the other reasons such
>as I would have to change all my credit cards (not a minor undertaking),
>driver's licence and bills addressed to me. I'm already published under my
>own name and my diploma has MY name on it, (one woman friend of mine had
>her med school degree made under her married name and then got divorced and
>the school won't get her a new one with her maiden name on it so all her
>patients keep wondering whose diploma is hanging on the wall!)
>Some other perks/irritations with NOT changing your name:
>I get to drive my students crazy by confusing them that Mr. Schrum who
>teaches theatre is married to Dr. Bourke who teaches Anatomy. I always have
>to announce at the beginning of every semester that we are NOT having an
>Since I didn't hyphenate I don't get both names mispronounced by annoying
>telephone soliciters!
>I get to confuse telephone solicters!
>There won't we two Dr. Schrums in the house. (That is if he ever writes his
>dissertation! Arghhhhh)
>I could go on, but I think you get my point.....Certainly, though, everyone
>should do exactly as they please without undue aggravation from anyone
>Dianna L. Bourke
>Penn State Hazleton
I think your comment that its "MY name" is sort of interesting....technically
if you are a woman in this country you really don't have YOUR own name as a
last name unless you changed your name to something you made up...Either you
have your father's name or your husband's name...unfortunately either way you
have a man's name...families are defined by the patriarch...aka the head man.
So in  my opinion the whole "feminist" thing about keeping your own
name..sounds nice but it really sort of irrevelant...if you really want to be a
feminist you and your hubby should designed a new last name and both changed
your names :-)


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