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>Hello everybody,
>	I've had this conversation here with several women.  I
>changed my name when I was an undergraduate, so for me there was
>no publication record to be  concerned about.  At the time I was
>married, it wasn't very clear to me why I wanted to change my
>name other than I loved my husband, but I never got along well
>with my father.  So for me, I took the name I wanted and
>discarded the one I no longer wanted. (BTW my husband didn't care
>what name I took).  Later on I had a discussion with somebody in
>the lab I work in as a graduate student and she summed it up for
>me very well.  What is the difference in taking your husband's
>name or keeping your father's?  They are both men's names.  For
>me it was easier and more pleasurable to take the name I chose.
>In addition, my father was very over-bearing (this is why I never
>got along) so instead of thinking about the societal pressure to
>change my name, to me it was more like being freed from a
>domineering father.
>	This works for me.  Hope it helps.
I second this opinion (as stated in my previous post)....I think your
relationship with your father plays a big part in those who choose to change.
My husband was somewhat surprised that I decided to change my name...he really
had no opinion either way, wasn't pressuring me to change...but felt very loved
and very important *giggle* when I decided to "take his name". Even a feminist
can appreciate a little old fashioned pride and chivalry ;-)


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