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>>Hello everybody,
>>       I've had this conversation here with several women.  I
>>changed my name when I was an undergraduate, so for me there was
>>no publication record to be  concerned about.  At the time I was
>>married, it wasn't very clear to me why I wanted to change my
>>name other than I loved my husband, but I never got along well
>>with my father.  So for me, I took the name I wanted and
>>discarded the one I no longer wanted. (BTW my husband didn't care
>>what name I took).  Later on I had a discussion with somebody in
>>the lab I work in as a graduate student and she summed it up for
>>me very well.  What is the difference in taking your husband's
>>name or keeping your father's?  They are both men's names.  For
My parents were divorced when I was a year or so, for good reasons, I don't hav
e much contact with my biological father.  And yes, it *is* his last name, howv
er, in my mind it doesn't really belong to my father, but to my mother.  When s
he divorced, and then remarried, she kept the same last name...because it had b
it had bcome her identity.  My last name is my *mother's* name as a
result.  To honor my family, my identity and mostly my mother, I will
keep my name.  I believe I would feel the same if she had gone back to
her maiden name when she divorced and then kept it when she remarried.
But then, I come from a matriarchy which has lasted for 4 generations.
May my child be proud of this heritage.
Although, I do choose to give my child his/her father's last name
because he is an only child.
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