non-traditional u-grad needs encouragement

Marc Goldstein magoldst at
Fri Apr 5 15:06:18 EST 1996


	My advice is just to choke through it. That's what I did. Back in
college I was a straight b+ student, but orgo really threw me, despite
a reasonably good teacher. I suffered through all those synthesis
reactions, pulled a C or C-, and went on with my life. It didn't hurt
me in applications to grad school. In fact, most of the people I
interviewed with had similar stories of their experiences with
organica chemistry. I've managed to lead a full, happy life without
ever mastering the subject. Best of luck to you; just reallize that
worrying about it is probably more disruptive to your life than the
class itself.


"Julie M. Phillips" <jphillip at> wrote:

>Hi all,

>I've been involved in bio and natural sciences for about 15 years.  I 
>really *love* the field with a passion and am gearing towards 
>specializing in genetics.  My current dilemma is O-chem.  While I find 
>the material absolutely fascinating, I'm having a horrible time learning 
>synthesis which is what the remainder of the year is comprised.  At this 
>point I'm so frustrated and depressed about this I'm thinking of 
>exploring other fields even though I'm very close to finishing my degree. 
>I've always done well in prior chem classes, but this one is a real bear! 
>Any words of encouragement from someone who's been there and advice for 
>conquering this beast would be greatly appreciated.

>Thanks in advance,


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