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Sat Apr 6 15:47:27 EST 1996

seaspray at (Carol Swann) wrote:
>A great book that deals with the new science and how the yin or 
>feminine perspective brings a new way to look at science is 
>"Lifting the Veil; the feminine face of science" by Linda Jean 
>Shepherd.  PUblished by Shambhala.  

...Leading to an argument which I understand is occupying sociologists
of science these days: Is science a compilation of objective facts,
or is fact always distorted by the viewer's [race/sex/class]?

Great topic for this newsgroup.

I would argue that science is fact;  how we get to those facts, the
pursuit of science, may vary from individual to individual
 but the FACT does not.  Ultimately the fact may be known, regardless
of the individual.


Another book that may be of interest:  Sonnert's conclusions from the
Project Access study we've mentioned before;  a new book called
"Who Succeeds in Science?" has some very interesting life-stories
in it highlighting general findings of the study. (there is another
book that includes his actual statistical data).

susan, who is a molecular geneticist, NOT a sociologist

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