Julie M. Phillips jphillip at uci.edu
Sun Apr 7 01:31:07 EST 1996

sage at connectusa.com (Scott J. Hatch) wrote:

Is this to imply that most men don't get along with women?  Hardly.  Most 
women communicate on an emotional level, but use logic to problem solve 
and assess a situation.  This is considered by some to give them a more 
accurate view (at more than one level of logic alone) of the entire set 
of problems at hand.   You could say that women are multi-tasking devices 
:).  I should add that I have met men and women who were so short 
circuited both emotionally and logically that a major system crash was 


>Men use logic women use emotion.Computers are very logical devices.
>Therefore most women dont get along with computers.Enough said.

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