Women and Genetics.....?

Julie M. Phillips jphillip at uci.edu
Sun Apr 7 01:16:44 EST 1996

For me personally, I became very interested in genetics after having two 
of my children.  Knowing somewhat how they develop in utero never ceases 
to fascinate me.  After my oldest daughter was born just watching her 
grow and develop tiny little physical and non-physical characteristics 
that match either myself or my husband deepened my fascination.  For 
instance the freckle on her hip-- my husband has one in the same exact 
place on his hip.  The mix of the facial features and even down to 
mannerisms and which trait she inherited from whom.   I could go on and 
on, but it's too late at night.  Just staring at them as newborns, 
watching their development and being able to see when a gene is turned 
"on" for a new stage to begin.  If I hadn't had kids, I would have never 
really understood what is in the texts as much as I have.

As an aside but funny-- My dear brother in law is dating a very close 
friend of mine.  They were talking about a newborn baby girl relative and 
her eye color-- friend mentions something about blue eyes being a 
recessive trait (his eyes are brown, his mom's are hazel) and some very 
basic genetics-- He insists that he has no recessive genes!  Friend and I 
got a really good chuckle over that one!  The poor dear!


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