Women and Genetics.....?

Sarah Boomer sarai at u.washington.edu
Mon Apr 8 21:34:44 EST 1996

Dear Graham (and the newsgroup),

	The question of why women leave the pipeline either pre- or
post-PhD was recently tackled by a rather large survey by the NW Women's
Research Office, conducted at least locally at the university and
surroundings.  The results of survey questions revealed that the majority
leave or don't pursue graduate/higher level science not because of
maternity (although that was second) but because they are fed up with the
system (answers ranged from pay discrepencies, harrassment,
discrimination, long hours, intolerance, watching female colleagues
repeatedly losing tenure etc, etc.).  The answer is not so simple as
having babies - and the posts I have read to your note certainly reflect
that fact.
	I wish I had better numbers on how many people were surveyed -
these results were presented at a women in science day last year and I was
floored by that piece of information myself - it generally affirmed how I
feel, also coming from a dept. where there are no women with tenure who
take students... we have one clinical adjunct and two women without tenure
- with half of every incoming class being female.

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