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Kamala Patel kamala-patel at
Tue Apr 9 04:49:16 EST 1996

Hey there,
After reading all of these posts, it seems that I have a rather 
unusual situation.  When my husband and I were engaged we discussed 
the NAME issue.  In our case, my husband wanted to change his name 
to my last name.  Much of this had to do with his respect for my 
father as well as other issues. 

You would not beleive the opposition we faced--Not from our 
families, but from the system.  When a woman is married, she can 
take her husbands name simply by saying, "I am now Jane So-in-So" 
This is not the case if a man wants to take his wife's surname (At 
least in Utah!)  For Keith to change his name, either to my name or 
to a hyphenated name, he would have to petition the court to 
leagally change his name.  This involves lots of $$ and requires the 
same process as would be involved if you wanted to change your name 
legally to GOD. 

In the end, Keith kept his name and I kept mine.  If we have 
children the girls will have my last name and the boys will have 

Kamala Devi Patel and
Keith Alan Kostuchowski

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