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Veronica varreo1 at UIC.EDU
Tue Apr 9 12:59:41 EST 1996

> You would not beleive the opposition we faced--Not from our
> families, but from the system. When a woman is married, she can
> take her husbands name simply by saying, "I am now Jane So-in-So"
> This is not the case if a man wants to take his wife's surname (At
> least in Utah!) For Keith to change his name, either to my name or
> to a hyphenated name, he would have to petition the court to
> leagally change his name. This involves lots of $$ and requires the
> same process as would be involved if you wanted to change your name
> legally to GOD.
> In the end, Keith kept his name and I kept mine. If we have
> children the girls will have my last name and the boys will have
> Keith's.
> Kamala Devi Patel and
> Keith Alan Kostuchowski
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

	I can't believe that happened to you and your husband! Now is that 
the same situation all the other states or just Utah? Considering the 
highly conservative & religious state that Utah seems to be (at least 
to me) it should be expected. But there needs to be some changes. 

	I am happy though to hear that you and your husband came to a very 
sensible medium. But I want to ask, did you consider getting married 
in another state with more liberal name-changes? Not that you should 
be expected to just up and move your wedding just to comply to state 
laws, but just for curiousity sake.

	Also, how do you expect to handle the questions that will come with 
having the girls carry your name and the boys carry your husband's 
name? I would expect insensitive kids asking whether they are adopted 
or step-siblings, teachers asking the same, or even trouble with 
insurance companies. 

	Veronica I. Arreola

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