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In article <Pine.A32.3.91.960405093950.56249A-100000 at>, Annie <acraparo at> writes:
>Just thought I'd add my own thoughts to the discussion....
>I'm getting married in July, and I'm keeping my name.  At first my future 
>husband was upset, but after I explained my reasons he understands my 
>position.  We've decided that our children will have his name...he's an 
>only child and I have two brothers.
>I don't know what his parents will say...they're the traditional types 
>who always seem to see fit to give me lectures about the evils of day 
>care and how it is the root of societal problems.  Surprisingly, my 
>parents (who are also traditional), are supportive....especially my Dad 
>(big surprise)!  
>Getting married doesn't change who I've been for the last 26 years, and I 
>see no reason to reflect my marital status in my name.  To each her own, 
>of course.

I'd like to say that I think while getting married hasn't changed who I've been
for the last 23 years(when I got married, I'm 26 now) but now in retrospect I
am a very different person than I was for mulitple reasons....I think I am much
more Jennifer Coleman now than I ever was Jennifer Barlow before
 ...if that makes
any sense...of course this could be just because I've been suffering through
graduate school for the last three years as well as working on a new marriage
so I just FEEL like I've been Jennifer Coleman longer than Jennifer Barlow
*laugh*  I don't think changing your name necessary indicates that you want to
change who you've been for the years before ...but in some cases it may
indicate that you want to change who you are from now on. 

Jen coleman formerly Jennifer Barlow

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