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Tue Apr 9 18:41:18 EST 1996

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>This is somewhat off-topic as it concerns my wife changing her name and 
>she is not in science but...
>She wanted to take my last name, mainly so that both she and I and 
>particularly any children we have would all have the same name. This 
>would be mainly to avoid the troubles other posters have mentioned with 
>the rest of the world not being able to deal with hyphenated names, 
>different last names, etc.
>What she did do is change her middle name to what had been her last 
>name, i.e., Susan Marie Carlson to Susan Carlson Tague. 
>When our first child was born, we gave him the same "new" middle name. 
>He is Mitchell Carlson Tague. We are also planning on giving all of our 
>children (should we be so lucky to have more), the middle name Carlson. 
>That way they will all carry both of our names.
>I'm just kicking myself that *I* didn't change  *MY* middle name to 
>Carlson when we got married. But I think I'll get around to it just as 
>soon as I get this lecture prepared, paper submitted, grant written and 
>all the other good stuff a newly minted assistant professor must do!
>My two electrons,
this is so cool an idea...I have shivers...I personally would applaude you
changing your middle name (I guess on this group I should add that you in no
way need my applause, since it is your choice to do so and my agreement adds
nothing to your personal decision *laugh*)


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