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On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Judi Lapsley Miller wrote:

> Robbin L. G. Long wrote:
> > Amen to that.  I did not really change my name when I
> > married, I just tacked my husband's on to it.  My full name
> > is "Robbin Lynn Gibson Long", no hyphen.  I did it for a

> Yay! I'm not the only one. I hate hyphenation so I decided to go the 
> four name route as well. The major benefit for me is that it makes it 

Ha!  Would that it were that easy for me! =) My name BEFORE marriage was
"Mary Jane Lynn Nather" (Lynn is my middle name) so I thought that Mary
Jane Lynn Nather Shroyer was too much of a mouthful (too many "R"s, bleck)
and just asking for trouble with my legal documents. 

I chose to change my name for many of the reasons stated by others--mainly
because I didn't like the idea of not having one family name for our
future family.  Mark's middle name is already his mother's maiden name and
he would like to continue the tradition to honor his grandfather (an only
child who had only one daughter), which I fully support.  So the whole
baby name issue (assuming kids *do* come along =) was looking far too
complicated to tack on my maiden name as well or any of the other
permutations usually suggested.  I guess I took the easy way out! 

Also, maybe because I have an unusual first name, I don't have such strong
feelings that my identity is tied up with my last name as others have
mentioned.  I've always had to assert myself and correct people just to be
known as Mary Jane and not Mary.  I guess I think of myself most often as
"Mary Jane", as opposed to Mary Jane Nather/Shroyer/Whatever and I would
say that's MY NAME and MY IDENTITY.  

Anyway, I didn't find it to be a hassle at all to change stuff--you have
to notify everyone anyway if you move after you marry, or if you add your
husband to accounts, titles, insurance policies, etc.  Most things could
be changed with a phone call.  The grad school needed a form, which
requires them to cross-reference all my records by both names.  NSF has
a name change option on the renewal form for fellowships, which has to be
filed every 12 months anyway.  Maybe an afternoon of my time max. 

To pacify the liberals in the family who were in a tizzy the week before
the wedding, I did drop my beautiful middle name *sniff* for my maiden
name so they can trace my academic records.  The whole thing is giving my
advisor fits.  He feels the need to use both names when speaking of me or
my work & can't pronounce them both correctly at the same time...not to
mention the fact that he trips over all those R's!  Hee, hee! =)


(an interesting note:  both my mother-in-law & step-mom-in-law use the
four name, no hyphen option so Mark always assumed that I would keep my
maiden name in some form.  Gotta love a guy raised by liberal women ;)

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