Name change

Brian W. Tague taguebw at
Wed Apr 10 06:54:26 EST 1996

varreo1 at UIC.EDU (Veronica) wrote:

>> This is not the case if a man wants to take his wife's surname (At
>> least in Utah!) For Keith to change his name, either to my name or
>> to a hyphenated name, he would have to petition the court to
>> leagally change his name. This involves lots of $$ and requires the
>> same process as would be involved if you wanted to change your name
>> legally to GOD.

>	I can't believe that happened to you and your husband! Now is that 
>the same situation all the other states or just Utah? Considering the 
>highly conservative & religious state that Utah seems to be (at least 
>to me) it should be expected. But there needs to be some changes. 

As I mentioned in another post, this happened to my wife and I also. It 
is also the law in Massachusetts where we were married. Not exactly a 
bastion of conservative thought!

This seems to be the law of the land...


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