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Wed Apr 10 06:51:14 EST 1996

jcoleman at wrote:
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>>I'm just kicking myself that *I* didn't change  *MY* middle name to
>>Carlson when we got married. But I think I'll get around to it just as
>>soon as I get this lecture prepared, paper submitted, grant written and
>>all the other good stuff a newly minted assistant professor must do!
>>My two electrons,
>this is so cool an idea...I have shivers...I personally would applaude you
>changing your middle name (I guess on this group I should add that you in no
>way need my applause, since it is your choice to do so and my agreement adds
>nothing to your personal decision *laugh*)

Thanks much Jen.

As a follow up, I mentioned my first post to my wife and she reminded me that we *did* indeed look into changing my name when we got married. Problem was -- as was recently mentioned by another poster to this news group -- it would have cost me lots of money to legally change *my* name while it was free for her to change *her* name when we got married. As we were somewhat poor at the time, we decided not to do it. Sexism works in mysterious ways....

But I'm saving my pennies!


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