Biography of woman pilot ex WASP trainee free on the web

Lidia Lopinto LidiaL at
Wed Apr 10 17:25:14 EST 1996

Published as a public service and for your reading pleasure
is the entire biographical account of a womanm pilot
who went through the WASP program in 1944. Why is it relevant
to you? Because we are experiencing the biggest backlash
in history and women don't understand why.  History
repeats itself and what happened to this woman 52 years
ago can happen to you too.  Little has changed.  Once
you understand where the trouble is, maybe we can
begin to change things for the better for women.

Great reading if you like the 40's and history.
Very entertaining also.

If you don't have web access I can e-mail the file
lidial at

The book "Go Home Little Finfinella" is
Posted as a public service to women by request
from the late Winnie LoPinto (1915-1995).


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