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Julia Frugoli (JFRUGOLI at BIO.TAMU.EDU) wrote:
: Veronica asked if the laws about name changes were special to 
: Utah-unfortunately not, though they do vary by state.  I think this 
: topic was discussed earlier but I'll reiterate a little.  Most states 
: require a court order for men to change their name (for any rerason) and 
: for women to change their name for any reason other than 
: marriage-including divorce.  The only way I could return to my maiden 
: name when my ex and I divorced was by court order-we attached it to an 
: amendment to the divorce decree.  It's easy to take "His" name-his new 
: wife was already using it at the same time I was-part of the reason I 
: wanted to get rid of it-there were some credit report mix ups with the 
: new wife.  But it turned out that every legal agency, from Social 
: Security to the State of Texas, to my credit card and insurance 
: companies, wanted to see that certified copy of the court order.  So 
: while you can call yourself anything you want, what Uncle Sam calls you 
: is another story..
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In Canada (in all provinces I think) a woman can change her name
back and forth from her own to her husbands as long as they are
married, she simply has to change her ID.  However, once divorced
she can only change her name using the legal process.  Lesson: if
you want to change back to your own name, do it before the
divorce is final.

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