Help, woman losing faith in science!!!!

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Tue Apr 16 18:47:08 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.960415230518.8677A-100000 at>, David Niz <ez064054 at> writes:
>	I am in need of advice and direction and some words of wisdom for 
>my girlfriend as I am quickly running out of cheers to keep her hopes up.
>Here's the story:
>	I moved up to Davis for school and she came up after she finished 
>school in San Diego.  She wants to go into bio research but has been 
>unable to find a job in the bay area as of yet.  She is currently sending 
>out resumes but she is encountering some resistance to even responses.
>	Does anybody have any suggestions on how she may reduce her 
>frustration?  Are more aggressive techniques required? If so, what 
>exactly are they?
>	any help or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.
>thank you in advance
>david orlando niz
>doniz at

First...what kind of education and or research background does she have? What
type of resume letters is she sending out? Is she sending them to personnel
offices or directly to researchers? I think if it's to researchers repetition
is useful, alot of people lose resumes in piles of stuff on their desk...Also
be specific to the research...know what kind of work they do, if they need the
kind of skills you have...random resume dropping is unlikely to work if you
don't know their needs. Sometimes here we've had people mail their resume to
every professor on the floor, looking for specific kind of work when many of
the professors here don't do that...and of course they talk to one another and
know that they all got a copy of the same resume...
and that's often too much mass production for them. Maybe it would be good to
ask if they don't need someone to forward your resume to someone they think
might need someone.

Just a suggestion

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