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>>>>> This is not the case if a man wants to take his wife's surname (At
>>>>> least in Utah!) For Keith to change his name, either to my name or
>>>>> to a hyphenated name, he would have to petition the court to
>>>>> leagally change his name. This involves lots of $$ and requires the
>>>>> same process as would be involved if you wanted to change your name
>>>>> legally to GOD.
>>>>	I can't believe that happened to you and your husband! Now is that 
>>>>the same situation all the other states or just Utah? Considering the 
>>>>highly conservative & religious state that Utah seems to be (at least 
>>>>to me) it should be expected. But there needs to be some changes. 
>>>As I mentioned in another post, this happened to my wife and I also. It 
>>>is also the law in Massachusetts where we were married. Not exactly a 
>>>bastion of conservative thought!
>>>This seems to be the law of the land...
>>Oh I would beg to differ with that assessment....Massachusetts is not a very
>>liberal state by any fact in and around Boston are VERY conservative
>>and very segregated areas. It may have been a Democratic state until
>>recently...but liberal it is not.
>>Jen ...former Massachusetts resident.
>Jen --
>Well, I guess I've viewing the political climate of Massachusetts -- the
>land of Teddy K. -- from North Carolina -- the land of Jesse Helms -- so Massachusetts still looks very liberal to me!
*laugh* OK well in that context...I guess Massachusetts is liberal...I am now
living in NYC in that context  *laugh* To each his own...also I grew up
around there, and I guess alot of people have more critism for where they came
from :-)


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