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Dianna L. Bourke dlb17 at PSU.EDU
Thu Apr 18 11:31:04 EST 1996

Judy Frugoli said,

.I think it's
>not the level of the parent's education but perhaps the importance or emphasis
>that your parents place on education...My parents were insistant on us doing
>our work and getting high grades and applying to good colleges. In addition I
>think education level does not always mirror intelligence levels...both my
>parents are extremely intelligent..

This was absolutely the case for my parents. My father finished high
school, but my mother only finished the 8th grade and went out to work. My
parents placed a great deal of importance on education, actually
sacrificing building their dream house for 25 years until my brothers and I
were finished with school. This was no small sacrifice, since they spent
the first 25 years of their marriage living in what was considered the
foundation (only) of a house. Not your ususal starter home. My brothers
went to school pre-financial aid days so this was a considerable financial
sacrifice on all our parts.

Of course, they were hoping mostly that I would have a better job and life
than they had, so the educational emphasis was not exactly altruistic, but
what the heck, it came out OK anyway. These days when my students come to
talk to me of family difficulties, I can relate to much of it, except for
when the parents can afford, but refuse to help their children with college
expenses. I simply have no frame of reference at all.

Dianna Bourke

Dianna L. Bourke
Penn State Hazleton

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