Catherine Kim ckim at
Tue Apr 23 07:05:00 EST 1996

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Karen Allendoerfer wrote:

> I was in jury duty last year, and was waiting outside the jury box in the
> hall, and some official was reading our names off a list.  He got to
> mine.  "AL-EN-DOOOO-FER?"  
> I piped up.  "Allendoerfer."  
> Then this guy, about 50 years old, standing next to me, asks me, "Is it
> MISS Allendoerfer or MRS Allendoerfer?"  
> Thinking, in the back of my mind, "and you, sir, is it Beavis?  Or
> Butthead?"  I said, "Actually, it's Dr. Allendoerfer."  
> I don't like using the "Dr." title like that; it sounds arrogant (and I'm
> "only a Ph.D." anyway--ha ha, a whole nother kettle of worms), but this
> Miss or Mrs. thing, especially coming from a man, feels really insulting
> and I'm not sure what to say in response.

Sounds like you gave a good response! In fact, since Ph.D. first had the
title, Dr., why not use it. I wouldn't worry sounding arrogant to that man
simply because in the first place he didn't sound polite to you. Is it
really any of his business if you are Dr., Ms., Miss, or Mrs? You could
always then just say Ms or did you think that he was trying to antagonize
you to see if you go by Ms. which translates into being a radical feminist? 


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