Salary/start-up negotiations

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Tue Apr 23 16:02:40 EST 1996

I think you are in the best position to negotiate salary, startup
funds, space, whatever once you are offered the position.  What I
would do, is speak to your thesis
advisor,and postdoc advisor and
see what they say is typical in their will give
you something to go on and a basis for comparison...Ask for more
than you are willing to settle for, so you will be able to reach
a good compromise position with your new institution.

I really don't think that there is any salary discrepancy between
men and women in starting level careful of tabulated
figures ...of course average salaries for men are going to be higher
than for women...more of them are in tenured positions and more of
them have more years of experience...more women tend to be clustered
in lower paying non-tenure track, soft-money positions and more tend
to be assistant and associate professors...So make sure you know what
a starting faculty member makes in your field in your type of school
(major research university with PhD granting department is going to
pay differently than department which does not grant PhDs, is not a
major research university or is largely an undergraduate teaching
institution, and a medical school department will pay differently
than one in school of arts and liberal sciences).

I hope this advice helps...remember once a school makes you an offer,
they really want you...especially today when they may have had more
than 100 applicants for the position...


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