Salary/start-up negotiations

Rae Nishi nishir at
Tue Apr 23 20:29:05 EST 1996

My experience (being on both the looking end and on the hiring end) is
that there is very little discrepancy in starting salaries between men
and women in asst prof positions.  If the going rate is about $50,000
everyone will try to meet it for fear of losing a good candidate.  It's
good to find out what the present going rate is from other job
candidates or faculty who are in the hiring process.  My hunch is that
the discrepancy in salaries comes later-- men's salaries for the same
rank tend to advance more rapidly.  For example, there tends to be alot
of variability in salary at the assoc prof level, where there is a huge
range of experience. Men are either more aggressive about pay raises or
have a greater range of flexibility in finding another position if the
pay at their present position is inadequate.  I have been recently
faced with the "find another job to get a pay raise" position by the
administration and this offends me because I hate to play such games.

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