Catch a Budding Scientist (:>)

michelle morton mbmorton at
Thu Apr 25 03:40:26 EST 1996

With all deference to the very loonnnnnngggg thread about "Science
Careers??" on the pages of (:>), I have some
questions about possible science careers myself.   

Having discovered that I just can't seem to get enough of wildlife and
nature studies on the Discovery Channel, as well as every book I can
get my hands on about biology, chem, biochem, biophysics, math, etc,
I've decided that I want to pursue a career in science.  My long term
goal is to become a physician's assistant, but I plan on spending the
next few years joyfully and happily exploring my interests in the

As I'm going to school, I'd like to get a wide exposure to the various
disciplines.  Because my interests are broad at this point, I'd like to
combine my schooling with part-time jobs along the way that parallel
these.  I'm interested in possibly doing some wildlife and/or habitat
studies;  or working in a biology, microbio, biochem or orgo lab(s). 
How do I go about finding these types of positions?  I'm open to
working either on or off-campus.  Any suggestions would be greatly

Thanx in advance!


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