Medical School or Graduate School????

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Fri Apr 26 16:56:51 EST 1996

unchained melody wrote:
> Hi, I'm a sophomore in college, majoring in Biology.  I am currently
> following a pre-med program, but I'm now beginning to wonder about
> graduate school.  Can anyone help me figure out the pros and cons of
> medical school and of graduate school?  I would love to research and/or
> teach, but I am *very* interested in the medical aspects of science.
> Smile, and have a great day!!

COntrary to a popular undergraduate myth, graduate school is NOT
where people who can't get into medical school go.....I remember
having one of my students express that opinion to me when I was a TA
many moons ago.  As I recall, the student was upset at a poor grade in
Genetics and said "just because YOU couldnt get into med school....."

Do you ...
   want to take care of people?  
   actively help them?
   listen to people complain about their ills/cut them up/deal
   with HMOs?

Do you...
   want to do experiments?
   need to figure out how the world works?
   spend hours alone in a lab just THINKING?  
   write papers/write grants/compete with 400 people for faculty
   positions? (AFTER your 6 years of grad school and 4 years of postdoc)

You have to decide whether you are more interested in the practise
of medicine or in the science of biology.  To find out, volunteer in
a lab, talk to people, volunteer in a hospital, talk to more people....
and be informed and responsible for finding out as much information
as possible.  Don't rely on any one source!


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