Medical School or Graduate School????

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Fri Apr 26 14:02:48 EST 1996


unchained melody (ymchadwi at wrote:
: Hi, I'm a sophomore in college, majoring in Biology.  I am currently 
: following a pre-med program, but I'm now beginning to wonder about 
: graduate school.  Can anyone help me figure out the pros and cons of 
: medical school and of graduate school?  I would love to research and/or 
: teach, but I am *very* interested in the medical aspects of science.  
: Smile, and have a great day!!

	There are many Ph.D./M.D. prorams around the country where you 
	work on your Ph.D. and M.D. at the same time.  UIUC has one
	and I know someone who is getting their M.D. and their Ph.D. (in
	Business administration or something like that) because she
	would like to become a hospital administrator.  =)

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