What happened to the constructivists?

Patricia S. Bowne pbowne at omnifest.uwm.edu
Sat Apr 27 08:09:09 EST 1996

I was having lots of fun with the constructivism debate and
then it stopped - I posted what I thought was an unanswerable
argument and nobody answered it ! (:-)

But seriously - I just read a long article in one of the 
science education journals using a lot of the same points
to argue that constructivism wasn't an adequate framework
for teaching science, so I'm not the only person in the 
field raising these issues. If constructivists have an
answer to my arguments, I'd like to hear them - or if I've
converted all the constructivists I was arguing with, I'd like
to hear that too. It's really frustrating to raise important
points, and see them raised in the journals I read, and never
see the rebuttals.

Pat Bowne

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