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:>Many of the people interviewed remarked that once you are hired, you are 
:>in high demand for a bunch of admin committees because you are a minority 
:>and also in demand as a speaker to minority students at all levels.  
:>One prof remarked that his advice to new minority faculty members is to 
:>worry about tenure first and then go and do the committees/speaking.  He 
:>also said that the Hispanic community was disappointed during his 
:>pre-tenure years, but his point is that now that he's tenured, he can do 
:>much more and be a lasting role model for the community, rather than a 
:>short-term one.

This seems to be the same thing I hear, in particular about retention rates
and minorities making it into the ranks of the tenured.  It seems theres's an
unfair expectation that minority hires MUST be both amazing
scientists/teachers AND also spend a significant amount of time fighting for
the cause of equality (the more VISIBLY, the better).  So, what you get is
people having to put up with twice the pressures and commitments: proving
themselves as scientists AND as minorities and/or women in science.  Quoting a
statement from an administrator, "these people are grown-ups, they should know
when to say no."  Of course, if they say "No, I don't have the time to serve
on that committee" then they get branded as lacking in commitment.    

Conspiration theories aside, it would seem like the administration piles up
additional pressure on minority hires, because the university as a whole looks
good when these people have high visibility (it's pc and all that).  Later on,
the same administration has no qualms about giving this people zero
consideration or credit for those efforts, and in fact, penalizes them for
them for the indirect effects these additional demands have on the hire's
professional/research advancement.

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