What happened to the constructivists?

SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Sat Apr 27 16:44:14 EST 1996

Patricia S. Bowne wrote:
> I was having lots of fun with the constructivism debate and
> then it stopped - I posted what I thought was an unanswerable
> argument and nobody answered it ! (:-)

I got the feeling that the two sides are fairly entrenched so that the
discussion fizzled out (though I enjoyed it too).  I just
can't subscribe to a theory that considers reality a relative concept
and suggests that our differences are so extreme that RNA polymerase
doesnt behave the same in my lab as in someone else's.  After the
constructivists explained their point of view, and some of us
disagreed, there didnt seem to be anywhere we could go!

susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu

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