Finding time for feminist studies and activism

Linda S. Berris lberri1 at
Sun Apr 28 11:21:12 EST 1996

As a grad student in ecology, I find it hard to keep up with current
events of women's issues i.e. reproductive rights, as well as read
(in depth) anything on women's history, etc.  This disturbs me, because
feminist issues are greatly important.  While I realize that my main
priority is to my research, I feel an equal pull towards being informed
on issues for women in, while I don't feel guilty about
spending time on reading about women in science, etc., I find it difficult
to earmark time to read general women's studies kinds of things.  However,
I believe that being informed of issues that currently and historically
affect women is as important as being informed of science.  Unfortunately,
most of the women in my program are not of the same mind...I don't know
if it is an age-thing...I am in my early 40's and they are, by and large,
in their early 20's and seem to be into a post-feminist that
in order to maintain my interest in feminist/social activism, issues, etc.
I feel I must "wander" outside my in essence, that is sort
of taking me "away" from science and then I feel that to be taken seriously
by women in other groups, I need to spend some time remaining informed on
current issues.  
  Most of the time, however, I just bury my nose in my research and try to
"ignore" the whole thing, but this bothers me...anyway, I wondered how
some of you deal with this:  do you maintain an interest in feminist activity
outside of science, and if so, how do you manage it (especially if you are a
grad student!!).
Thanks for your comments,
Linda Berris

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