What happened to the constructivists?

Patricia S. Bowne pbowne at omnifest.uwm.edu
Mon Apr 29 21:32:12 EST 1996

Neo Martinez disagreed with my argument that comparing
science to other ideologies, on any grounds, required 
accepting that conclusions should be based on data. She 

>Yikes... looks like we've gone beyond science here... or at least the 
>suggestion is that "concordance with data" be extended to be a rule of 
>other social activies besides science.  I don't trust science that far.  
>Human rights seem like much more certain ground to generally evaluate 
>social activities.  The craniologists would much prefer their 
>"concordance with the data" that demonstrated white intellectual 
>superiority.  Science is often wrong.  Even if it was right, it would be 
>unacceptable to me.  On the other hand, I accept human rights... they're 
>kinda cool things to have!

BUT, NEO!  How are you going to compare the effects
different social activities have on human rights except by gathering
and comparing data, and coming up with an analysis that
has some concordance with them? 

That is my sole and single question for this post. But I really *need*
an answer to it.

Pat Bowne

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