What happened to the constructivists?

SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Tue Apr 30 09:36:14 EST 1996

Neo Martinez wrote:
> > i don't give the
> > theory that much power, myself.   I think RNA polymerase would work
> > the same way if we were all vaporised tomorrow.  Our descriptions
> > as yet may only approximate how it works, granted, but it works.
> >
> I think you do.  You think that your theory of RNA polymerase is so real
> that it would be unaffected by our collective vaporization.  Many
> scientific entities disappeared with much less drastic events.
> Phlogistron disappeared after the discovery of oxygen.  We should freely
> admit that any of our theories could suffer the same fate.


Did anyone notice?  RNA polymerase just completely disappeared
because we all STOPPED BELIEVING IN IT....

Sounds like Tinkerbell to me!



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