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Tue Apr 30 21:16:38 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Sherry Marts,

Thanks for the great response!!  I love that one!!  I hate the knowing
looks of "ahh, another of those *Feminists*" with the corresponding sneer,
when I distinctly reply "Miz Igo, thank you very much."  It isnt even that
i mind being called a feminist, it is just that holier than thou attitude
that they take.

Im 27, and i feel a bit old to be called Miss - that is what I was called
as a child (although that is how my mother sometimes addresses mail to me
8-), and I am not married, so it is definitely not Mrs., and Ms. just feels
right for me.

To get off topic a bit, I dont know if I would go by Mrs. if I were married
- that is too far off to even think about at the moment, and I really dont
know if I would change my name if I were married for the same reason (and
Im sorta attached to my weird last name - I am used to having to spell out
I-G-O and explain that yes, it is said exactly as it is spelled, and vice
versa!!) 8-)  When I have a PhD, I doubt if I will use the Dr except
professionally or in situations like the one described by Karen
Allendoerfer, when attitude is required.  I have kind of gotten off the
point, though, which is that I will definitely use No as an answer to the
Miss or Mrs question in the future!!

Hve a great day!!
Megan Igo
megan at

>The stupid question:
>"Is that Miss or Mrs. ______?"
>A possible answer:
>Which leaves it up to the stupid questioner to either drop the subject or
>make an issue out of it, but either way it's their problem.
>Sherry Marts
>American Health Assistance Foundation

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