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Sabine Dippel sabine at hlrz28.zam.kfa-juelich.de
Fri Aug 2 03:18:12 EST 1996

In article <eettehad-010896231735 at van-pm-0903.direct.ca>, 
eettehad at direct.ca (Ellie Ettehadieh) writes:
|> > My experience so far has been the same as Susan's - in Universities as 
|> > well as in industry. At the moment I am in a place where this is not at
|> > all the case - very relaxing. But even in a place like this, once in a 
|> > while someone turns up who really tries to impress everyone not by what
|> > he does, but by bragging about (mostly minor) achievements of his
|> > (a while ago a new PhD student really got on my nerves by telling 
|> > everyone he met, whether relevant to the discussion or not, who his
|> > Masters thesis advisor was, who is a relatively famous physicist - 
|> > that's the kind of thing I'm thinking of). 
|> should have asked the person what he had done, or how he had contributed to
|> the success of the supervisor.  Thats how I deal with such a person, I hate
|> it when someone thinks they are fooling me or trying hard to show that they
|> are a hot shot.  In my experience, these kind of people usually have
|> nothing to offer and that is why they have to talk about themselves so
|> much.

Sure, that's what I mean, but still, the point I was trying to make was a
different one. Besides, these people usually will not react as you think 
if you try to put them down in return. Usually, they just will go on about
other things - the best reaction in my opinion really is just to ignore them 
(well, at least most of the time - sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut).
They are just too convinced of their superiority to notice it. 
I mean, this very guy I was talking about really got me again yesterday - 
contradicting certain facts just because he didn't like them, especially from
me, and I wasted lots of time to prove to him that it was simply hot air,
and that his "proof" for his opinion was something EVERYONE here in this 
place would laugh about (those I told the story afterwards did). He was not 
in the least embarrassed (he really should have been), I guess he just 
"loves" me even more than before.

|> I think men are just easier to fool.  :) 
|> Ellie.

Yes, very often they are, but my question related to people who are NOT
fooled by such behaviour, but simply don't give a damn about it, while 
I just think I can't put up with that crap. Maybe that's the reason why
this behaviour persists :-)


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