chronic illness and grad school

michelle garrison mikeyg at
Thu Aug 1 19:21:59 EST 1996

Hi!  I'm a microbiology senior at UT-Austin, just starting to apply
to grad schools (in epidemiology) for next year.  The doctors have
finally figured out (I've been sick for 3 years) that I have some
kind of chronic autoimmune disease (causing arthritis and fatigue).
So here's the question:  when I'm applying to grad schools, do I
mention this?  On the pro side, it does help explain my transcript
(overall good grades, but a few bad semesters and one medical
withdrawl) and I don't want to feel like I'm misleading them (ie,
I may not be able to work 80 hour weeks for 6 years straight).
On the con side, in a competitive application process, I can definitely
see this resulting in my application being tossed out before
they even look at my work experience, etc.  Any suggestions?

Michelle Garrison

Michelle Garrison * Michelle Garrison * Michelle Garrison
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